the sonique spiderweb instructional video links

For those of us who prefer to watch to learn. Here I gather together the links to video produced concerning: How to use it, how to make it. Or if your tempted, buy one !? See bottom of the page

Animated advert including some music from ‘Shane reaction’ by guitarbeau

The basics how to use the sonique spider web

employing the sonique spider web to display Major Scales

Over view of the sonique spiderweb

Using the sonique spiderweb to display / define chords

Using the sonique spiderweb to learn the names of the notes on the guitar

If you want you can make your own sonique spiderweb (this is 22 minutes long, it actually takes longer to make it!)

An Ionian Scale in the key of A played in a rather unusual manner

Another take on the Ionian in A that endeavors to stretch ones capabilities.

Moving through the modes we come to the Dorian in B

Still in (A) Ionian we find the Phrygian in C#

Sticking with it thus far we arrive at the Lydian in D

From the A Ionian we arrive at Mixolydian in E

buy the sonique spiderweb

the sonique spiderweb

a music theory teaching aid to display alphabetic note name data and intervallic relationships betwixt that data. shipping is included.


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