Does this count as working at it?

Blog entry for today.
What to do in furtherance of this ideal of working for myself. I am not being as proactive as I should be so here is a to do list.
Blog website work.
More practical info, pictures, video. Story board the video.

The patent process.
Read up on the necessary steps to get the invention considered.
Draw up the paperwork involved.
Submit application.

Set up Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts.
Start selling what I can to understand the process better.

Get the business license, Federal Employee ID #, Tax ID for AZ.

What have I been doing?
Helped a friend to sober up, for a month anyway.
Designed and built a table base that puzzles together, a concept I’ve had for years.
Designed and built a bed frame for a guest room.
Entertained Family. Taught some musical and artistic skills to my nephews children.
Visited my brother and his children in Florida.
Replaced a portion of fencing in the back yard.
Cleaned the garage up a bit.
Working on a 1988 F150 that I bought impulsively, that has been a headache ever since.
Reaching out to other musicians, trying to get a project or 2 going.
Rehearsing for performance opportunities.
Registered for the patent office electronic submission program. Lots to read there.
Developed some artistic directions to pursue, some new forms of expression, for me anyway.
Worked with ‘iMovie’ and ‘Garage Band’ to keep technical skills functional for generating content.

Just having a bit of fun with the keyboard
Reclaimed Wood Bed Stand Rails puzzle together

All since August 2018. I feel I should have gotten more of the to do’s done by now. Much of which can be done fairly quickly. These appear more necessary than much of what was done, as I hope the to do’s will generate an income. It seems I do some of these other things to distract from what might be construed as the necessary business of business. Avoiding commitment by not committing. Don’t know why it seems so difficult. Just do it already!

New Art Project using the inside of security envelopes and scissors and glue the 1st in a series

Starting a business is a lot of work!

OMG! There are so many things to have to take into consideration that it boggles the mind. From type of organizational structure, LLC, Partnership, etc… to business name and alias. To website design and content generation, advertising, social media constructs, taxes, that it is easy to get over whelmed. But I committed to this when I quit my day job. I may have just been ‘committed to quitting’ I thought recently. But I do have an anxious need to be doing something. Cant just sit and be for too long. I can for a little while but anxiety is calling to get something done.

These challenges lead very easily to anything else that might distract from the necessary business of creating a business, by way of busy-ness. Does writing about it motivate? It would seem something has to be said to get me going. The licensing, the patent application, taxes, registration, content, an income! All are percolating in my head, frustrating me. I fear for my dream of self employment. Well this is an effort in that regard. So on to the next challenge. It still feels like work.

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