doing unto others

JOURNART, journal writing manipulated into something I call art.
Multi Tasking Journal Writing then turning that into the above à la digital painting program.

Having trouble putting anything of myself out there, I remembered reading somewhere “to get what you want help another get what they want”. So I decided to help some one else put themselves out there. With some video and sound editing expirience in my skill set, I sought to put these to work for my friend A C Hampton Sr. and his music. Here is his song Water Dancing. He wrote and recorded the music, I took some pictures and utilized iMovie to make the video for his youtube channel.

Having done that and found yet more possible options of expression in the process, I have seen that it is possible with a modest effort, to put artistic endeavors out there. I have been thus motivated to create yet some more and hope to share something soon.

All simply because I could not find it in myself do for myself so I did for someone else!

Written 2020 12 07

This is an art exercise

From the book drawing from the right side of the brain. The exercise asks that you draw your own hand without looking at the drawing you are making whilst doing it! This was my attempt.

Just having a bit of fun with the keyboard
Reclaimed Wood Bed Stand Rails puzzle together
New Art Project using the inside of security envelopes and scissors and glue the 1st in a series

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