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North West Tucson, Marana, Guitarist Teacher. Lessons available in your home.

Would you take guitar lessons from this guy?


I continue learning the guitar for over 40 years.
I have an abundance of insight experience and patience.
I am capable of teaching with a variety of methods.
Learning music by ear, hearing a song and figuring out how to play it.
Reading music / tablature.
How music in written form can be understood and applied to the guitar.
I have invented a device that can help develop in depth musical knowledge.
I teach a variety of musical genres.
Rock, Classical, Pop, Country, Jazz.
I teach many technical skills that make playing the guitar fun and fascinating.
If I don’t know it I can probably figure it out!
I offer the added advantage of coming to you, so you can learn from the comfort of your home.
Currently serving North West Tucson and Marana AZ
If interested
Call 520 638 8949 and leave a message please.
email guitarbeau@comcast.net

Here is my invention to help understand music theory.

A little advert to see its operation available here. https://guitarbeau.com/the-sonic-spider-web/
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