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Motivation versus momentum

The next blog idea!? Well the good people at word press are offering some tools to make this effort more…? And I want to make it more, so that is motivation and by providing this next I also claim momentum! So here is the Pinterest block effort hard at work on my behalf. idealisticaspirations llc profile, such as it is. So this is showing my feed of saves I had no idea. I only wanted it to show my art well so much for my digital skill set.

Mandala seems like a fun concept

So I ran across the concept of Mandala Art in a ‘how to draw’ book recently. It suggested the practice is a sort of enlightenment exercise through artistic expression. Describing the process as drawing several circles around each other and then, filling them with repeating patterns of ones choosing, to promote the interest of the artist and engender a sort of focus that might contribute to realization of, said interest.

While I like the idea behind it, I prefer my own take on the practice. Which is more like structured scribbling! Made by a single line of circular marks, which then can be colored in at random spaces created with in the circular marks, that may then lead to an image of some sort that could be further developed or manipulated as one would like. Or instead of a single continuous flowing line criss crossing itself creating sections to shade or not, an alternative marking of your media of choice such as is the case in my ‘sketchy journal‘ entry from a previous post. The written word, my journalistic diatribe, convoluted and reworked to both satiate self reflection and generate an artistic result. Which has yet to be developed further, but that leads to my next paragraph.

I struggle to maintain a level of activity with my artistic endeavors, musical and otherwise. Because of anxiety regarding basic needs seem to posit ideas that the creative enterprise will not aid in the realization of those basic needs being met, food, shelter, et al. Even this effort at blogging seems trite and unnecessary when compared to sustenance and covering, despite the desire to pursue it regardless of the result. So far I am the only one reading this. Yet the desire persists.

Even within the hesitant and intermittent manner in which an effort is made manifest, the result, its value, may not be so easily quantified with mere numbers of one sort or another. Still I measure and record data to the effect that I am able to do something in the creative vein, and compare that to other enterprises that also make up a day, and try to determine wherein is the actual desire to get something done most evident? Yes the laundry needs to be done, and I do have my own preferred digital distractions, thanks Medium, your click bait is irresistible! But so was the abstract erotica project I found myself somewhat drawn to many moons ago, despite being uncertain as to whether or where to share such a thing. Negative self talk aside, here then is an attempt that I now qualify as my take on Mandala Art. Though I did not know the term until just recently, and my focus whilst generating the following may not have been on anything certain or particular, I do like looking for something with in the lines that might provoke momentum. I use that word now instead of motivation, I’ll explain that distinction as best I can soon.

Abstract Mandala Maybe, artistic effort to incite insight
A Mandala Maybe

Sketchy journal

Journal entry for about a week

So this was written over the course of a few days and in a totally new construct. Taking the thoughts swirling around in my head and scattering them on the page. Writing forwards, backwards, in Spanish, French, and English. With an eraser, alternating colors, page orientation. I’ve used this technique in the past as a jumping off point for a canvas on which to decipher an image. Not just with words but shapes as well.

What does putting this on a page do? Well it kind of acts like a purge that can clear the way for the next part of the day. It can also be a canvas in which to find another expression. Rereading journals from the past reminded me of the past and how close or far I am from it. Repetition breeds contempt in some instances so there is that. Repetition also breeds competence. So it depends on what is repetitively done, how its interpreted, does it add value or detract. Can it do both? Yes

Dichotomous Extraction.

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