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Sketchy journal

Journal entry for about a week

So this was written over the course of a few days and in a totally new construct. Taking the thoughts swirling around in my head and scattering them on the page. Writing forwards, backwards, in Spanish, French, and English. With an eraser, alternating colors, page orientation. I’ve used this technique in the past as a jumping off point for a canvas on which to decipher an image. Not just with words but shapes as well.

What does putting this on a page do? Well it kind of acts like a purge that can clear the way for the next part of the day. It can also be a canvas in which to find another expression. Rereading journals from the past reminded me of the past and how close or far I am from it. Repetition breeds contempt in some instances so there is that. Repetition also breeds competence. So it depends on what is repetitively done, how its interpreted, does it add value or detract. Can it do both? Yes

Dichotomous Extraction.

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