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Commitment at last!

Naming the enterprise ‘idealisticaspirationsunltd’ Trying to get the taxation legalization thing figured out. Went with a 3rd party provider for the registration process. Kind of pricey even at the economy level! But it appeared alot easier than navigating webs !?

Well it goes on a pace apparently there is a hiccup with 3rd party admin of the LLC !? Something is missing from the request, voila so it goes, not easy but necessary. Still need to generate content, creative output is the ultimate end goal. Or as I informed the tax people the purpose of my little enterprise is, Artistic Development.

All righty then, Andele pues! Took the plunge, chose the name for the enterprise ‘idealsiticaspirationsunltd’ got the EIN, started the Llc process using 3rd party to register as AZ gov webs seemed convoluted. Can now get some other exposure. Made a video test for Still a lot to do but alas, momentum.

Starting a business is challenging.

OMG! There are so many things to have to take into consideration that it boggles the mind. From type of organizational structure, LLC, Partnership, etc… to business name and alias. To website design and content generation, advertising, social media constructs, taxes, that it is easy to get over whelmed. But I committed to this when I quit my day job. I may have just been ‘committed to quitting’ I thought recently. But I do have an anxious need to be doing something. Cant just sit and be for too long. I can for a little while but anxiety is calling to get something done.

These challenges lead very easily to anything else that might distract from the necessary business of creating a business, by way of busy-ness. Does writing about it motivate? It would seem something has to be said to get me going. The licensing, the patent application, taxes, registration, content, an income! All are percolating in my head, frustrating me. I fear for my dream of self employment. Well this is an effort in that regard. So on to the next challenge. It still feels like work.

The Patent Process goes on a pace.

This effort seems quite daunting. All the specifications that have to be tended to, all the research. Several hours just looking at prior art patents. And still have to review them more than perfunctorily. It seems quite likely that a patent is possible but will it sell? Is there enough boundless determination to market the invention and make a buck? Little steps it is said, ironic that they feel huge right now. But it is moving towards completion, though I could be a bit more motivated!? Still I do feel motivated, now just maintain that enthusiasm.

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