The Sonic Spider Web

I am getting close to releasing the Sonique Spider Web into the wild. Still struggling with the copyrighting / patenting aspect of it though. What an aspect it is! Writing, rewriting, rereading , ‘Patent It Yourself’ published by NOLO. Finding the text in the book to be a bit confusing as I delve deeper into the process. Seems it could be a made a bit more cookie cutter like. But as I research and read other patents, there does seem to be some latitude on the part of inventors and their attorneys, in how they represent their inventiveness. By the way the USPTO is a remarkable source for inspiration. Though their updated filing process also requires a bit of work to maneuver.

I was all set to submit when I discovered another hurdle to the e file system, EFS in that to become a registered e filer your need notarized documents that you exist and are you! Every other form from them I’ve encountered so far, digital signatures are OK. But not the means to establish yourself. I don’t remember anybody saying this was going to be easy, only possible to do it yourself with some requisite panache! Still I find the effort somewhat rewarding challenges and all, and that’s the panache!

Learn the names of the notes
Learn the note names

The concept of my invention is not new, insofar as what it does, what is new is how it does it! Which given another bit should be revealed here soon. Stay tuned.