Guitarbeau, Musician Teacher Northwest Tucson Marana

On Teaching

Teaching is an art, requiring among other things, patience.

I have had many opportunities to reflect on and realize this.


 Knowing how to do something does not mean one will be able to explain to someone else, how to do it.

I paraphrase a quote that comes to mind, read in Readers Digest years ago.

“An education is something you give to yourself”.

To me that means, despite the best efforts of teachers, the most interesting of presentations and the most comprehensive materials, we learn because we want to.

In many cases we have to learn things like walking, talking etc… But more often the subjects we study are chosen.

So when the desire to learn is there, and as there are, ever increasing and evolving methods with which to acquire an education, the means of ones choosing are almost secondary.

There is many ways to acquire a skill, which is not to say a teacher is irrelevant to any course of study. But a learner must possess an interest in learning.

One can also learn while teaching.

Of course ones own knowledge is enhanced by showing another how to acquire skills within their interest.

So if you are a life long learner show someone what you know and prepare to be enlightened as you uncover a new way to look at what you know!

So why use a teacher when there is YOUTUBE, the internet, CD’s DVD’s, Books?

Reasonable question, I use these methods at times as well to pick up a new tune or technique. Some things a teacher can provide:

Encouragement, if I can do it you can!

Incentive, someones going to hear me I better practice!

Observation of application of the instruction, am I doing this right? this can lead to faster more relevant progress.

Having a teacher also shows a sincere commitment to see the effort through.

I am currently accepting new students for the

Guitar and/or Electric Keyboard.

I have been playing and learning the Guitar for 36 + years and have been developing my Keyboard abilities for about 8 years.

I teach musical skills by way of rock and pop music.

I can teach you how to read music, or tablature, or learn songs by ear.

I have developed a tool useful for understanding some of the more complicated musical theory concepts to a single page, as in modes, scales and chords.

One of the main benefits that I provide is that I come to you,

(Marana, Northwest Tucson)

I am also patient, an ability necessary to acquire and advance musical skill. If you prefer a by the book approach I can accommodate that as well.

There are many avenues to learn by. We can use whatever method you deem appropriate. No long term commitment necessary, if you just want a single lesson that is ok. If interested email or contact me at:

Or call & leave message please 520-638-8949 Bill L

Thank you for your consideration.

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