At it anew 8/30/2019

mission statement
Mission Statement rather broad but I needed one!

So I am changing the site name to reflect some alternative choices I have made to make this site more appealing, as if that were even possible! As a content generator I am challenged by what to put up here. Having as I imagine many do, a plethora of interests and projects to pursue and peruse. I choose this change to be more conducive to getting this stuff out there. Also I have been wanting to be more involved in what can maybe best be described as, the shameless self promotion in furtherance of my ideals. We’ll see how well that goes. But the process should be fun, and I want to be useful entertaining and pertinent while I still can.

Is it just going to be music and media? What qualifies or can be quantified as media? I do not want to limit my self here. But as I have a significant investment in music to make that a prominent feature, that will be the strongest of projects to promote. Despite the somewhat amateurish production values the music is still there, wanting and waiting to be enjoyed. As for the media part, I make art, draw, paint (digitally), photocraft and create as often as able. And will in due course put it here, though some of it already is. How much to reveal of the process before I become a bore or a chore to understand is already provoking me to curtail my explanation at this time and do some art or music today or at least link some of the aforementioned!?

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